Seriously Custom Gun & Gunstock Engraving


Recently,  we were part of a really good gun show in Cheyenne, WY.  In addition to our bullet pens and wooden toys – specifically wooden trucks – I had an assortment of samples of our gunstock and gun engraving.

One of the most common comments we heard were from people who had sent their gunstocks back to the factory for checkering,  was that they essentially had to accept what design the company offered.  When we discussed the Seriously Custom Engraving Options available at Amazing Laser Designs –  where they can tell me what they want on their gun or gunstock and actually get involved in designing their project –  they were really disappointed.

And it’s pretty easy to do.  Take a picture of your piece lying flat on the table or floor.  Your cell phone is fine.  Email the picture to and give me a call.  We will talk about what you have in mind and I will ask lots of questions.

Based on our discussion, I will take the photo of your piece,  start laying images on it and email them back.  You can like one image and not another, (or none at all, or fall in love at first sight) and let me know what you like and don’t like.  My feelings don’t get  hurt even if I have to start all over.

When we’ve resolved all the issues and you are happy with your design,  you can take your gunstock off your gun and send me the parts I will be engraving. In most cases you’ll have your beautifully engraved gun or gunstock back in a couple weeks.

I am licensed and can also work on your receiver.  Stainless steel, RF-85,  and anodized aluminum work best. Some other metal surfaces can also be engraved.  We can also engraved on some poly and laminated stocks.

Our custom engraving process works well for any engraving project  – photos on tile, custom tile for your floor, wooden engraved business cards, name on that new wallet – and we’d be honored to be part of  your project.  And if your project is an idea in your head, skip the picture and head right to the phone.



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