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Grid Laser Engraving GunstockCraftsmen have been decorating weapons for centuries. The Bible even mentions ornate body armor. At Amazing Laser Designs, we use a laser engraver, and we customize the designs for you. We develop your design using email – or snail-mail, if you prefer – and you send your piece only after the design work is done. At that point you will have your piece back in a couple weeks.

We make our own wooden grips for 1911’s and checker or engrave them. And we can checker most other grips as well.
We engrave on metal, wood, and poly. Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and the new RF-85 work best for metals. Walnut and laminated woods work for rifles and shotguns and we can also get nice results on some poly stocks.

For the stocks and grips, we offer basic engraving: Engraving the image into the wood and offering standard diamond and skip tooth checkering in your choice of several sizes and depths. We are now also offering a premium engraving package that features the carving-type designs in relief – like 3D – and my new French Checkering pattern that recalls old European checkering styles. You can mix and match styles if you choose.

I am a licensed gunsmith, so I’m legal to work on your receiver. We will soon be adding barrel engraving as well. Between the wood and the metal we can trick out the whole thing!

Take a picture of your piece, lying flat, and email it to me. Give me a call so we can discuss what you want. I will build the design on your stock and email it back. You can keep what you like and we can adjust other parts of your design as we go along. Expect this to take 2-3 weeks.

When the design is complete, send only the parts that will be engraved. Engraving will take a couple weeks.

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