Gunstocks and Grips

Gun stock checkering and engraving is an old method of creating a beautiful gun. Back then, it was done by hand. Our lasered designs can provide surfaces much more precise than can ever be achieved by hand, and we have an almost infinite capacity to customize your design. We can provide pictorials, scroll patterns, business logos, initials – nearly anything you can think up.

Most engraving is engraved into the surface, whether it is a wild boar, a scroll, or a standard diamond checkering pattern. On the checkering patterns, we can adjust the size of the diamond and the width of the lines making those diamonds. And we can make the pictures more or less deep to suit your taste.

My latest creations are done in RELIEF…like the images on a carved stone wall that stand out from the background. Mallard Engraving and White-tail Deer are two examples of this style of carving techniques. The results depend a lot on the finish of the wood, but I was totally excited over the results of the White-tail deer. That is not paint – just complete control of the engraving process. Wood engraving comes with surprises, so I tend to use multiple passes so a surprise doesn’t get lost. And each piece is unique.

The French checkering pattern is my design to revive the old European checkering designs that were hand done and finally abandoned because they were just too much like work for a hand-craftsman to successfully do. This checkering pattern is easy on your hands but provides good grip. And I have fallen in love with the beauty of the finished grip.

Click on photos to see more detail.

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