Personalize your equipment. Amazing laser designs carved into the wood stocks or on the metal parts of guns or knives offer decoration or recognition factors for your equipment. Never lose another piece to theft, again. You’ll know how to identify your guns and knives, with laser technology and Amazing laser designs that improve the appearance of your pieces.

Stainless steel guns provide the most reliable results. Cylinders and barrels provide space for some beautiful images. Stainless steel engraves black and is great contrast against the steel. Anodized aluminum engraves white.

Laser engraving cannot meet the ATF requirements for a serial number or other ID requirements (1/16th inch minimum height for letters and at least .003 inch deep.) These projects require that the required elements be engraved into the metal. The milling machine is used for these applications can also be used for decorative designs. Blued and Parkerized surfaces can also be successfully engraved using the milling process.

The blued gun with “I don’t dial 911” down the slide is my very first gun/gunstock engraving project. I’ll be eternally grateful to the gentleman who discovered I could engrave and asked me if I could engrave metal. When I said I could, he reached down, pulled that gun from his ankle holster, unloaded it and handed it to me saying, “I’d like ‘I don’t dial 911’ on the slide.”

The rest is history.

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