About the Reeds

Cliff’s a retired heavy equipment mechanic and Judy is a retired high school music teacher. This unlikely skillset is the basis of Amazing Laser Designs. We’ve been working our magic together since we started our business back in 2005.

Cliff creates wooden toys like he would have liked to have had when he was a kid. Lots of moving parts- and they all have to work. His patterns are copies of vintage wooden toys from about 1930 - 1970. Many of his trucks are made from Colorado beetlekill, sold in the stores as blue pine. One day they may become collector’s items.

When he needs a break from his toys, he turns pens. Bullet pens, bolt action and lever action pens for the gun enthusiasts out there, turned from elk and deer antler, or regular, ordinary pens from wood and acrylic for everyone else. Judy engraves names and logos on the pens. We’ve routed large signs, made clothing buttons from the leftover antler and wood, and designed and built custom awards and trophies. If you can think it up, we can usually find a way to make it happen.

In addition to her gun/gunstock/gun grip engravings, Judy creates miniature leather saddles for Breyer® and Stone® model horses, engraves on “hair-on cowhide” – cowhide tanned with the hair on – “pictures you can pet” - regular tooling leather, logos for knife makers, engraving on all kinds of hand-made projects for hobbyists or larger commercial entities. She designs and cuts routing templates, and recently invested in a milling machine to provide gun owners with ATF compliant serial numbers and identification requirements and/or milling services for metal gun parts or decorative metal works. She is a licensed FFL.

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