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Gibson Girl Cameo: Acrylic: 1 1/4": Lasered Image: Paint Fill: Swarovski Crystal: Shank"

Gibson Girl Cameo: Acrylic: 1 1/4″: Lasered Image: Paint Fill: Swarovski Crystal: Shank”

I am a studio artist from Colorado, and my passion is miniature art. I have been a seamstress for many years, but until I connected with the Lark But’ning Club, it had never occurred to me to create buttons for anything, let alone my own garments and projects. That has seriously changed.

button awardBeing obsessive-compulsive, I don’t do anything in moderation, so I don’t collect ANYTHING, because I would be considered a hoarder and have no place to actually live. But creating buttons and then selling them provides me the opportunity to learn about buttons and still have a home with space.

The buttons on this site are samples of some of the materials, techniques and processes I use to create them. I have the attention span of a gnat, (I get bored easily), so I merrily skip from paper to cloth to wood to acrylic to leather – well, you get the picture. I laser engrave, embroider, do inlays and insets, working on Death Heads…

Yes, I will sell these buttons, or I can create one ‘specially for you. If you want a log cabin on leather and your buddy wants one on vegetable ivory, I can do both. I can work on almost any material. The only thing I don’t do is tat, so Challenge Me! Stump me if you can!

P.S. I also can make cuff links, buckles, and Dorsetts…and I’m probably forgetting other stuff.