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Button, Mats & Templates

On the pages below you will find 15 designs for each of the most common sized trays.  Each design can be created as a stencil in plastic, a single mat, double mat or plastic-mounted-on –mat board for backmarks.

The plastic stencils include the cutouts with a hole marked in the center of the cutout so you don’t have to guess where that center is.

The face of the mat on your trays  can be embellished with scrapbooking paper or gift wrap or fabric to get just the look you have in mind.  If it is a double mat, either piece can be dolled up!  Or I can engrave designs on the face as well.

And for those of you looking for backmark trays, I am mounting mat board  to the plastic back “mat” , cutting the design out of the facing mat board and the mounting holes from the plastic. I enjoy custom projects-be it stencil ideas or buttons – just call me for a quote .  You are not limited to 9 x 12 – I can design and create in any size.

Button Displays – Click on number below for the number of buttons per page

  Click on one of the numbers below – to see pricing and mat design (To print, right click on anywhere on the grid & choose the option to print):

20 | 24 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 42 | 70 | Storage Grids


Button Storage Templates

Just the thing for sorting and organizing your buttons. Small is 1″ squares. Large is 2″ squares. Centers are available if you want to mark each section.

Sharpie Ultra-Fine pens work very nicely to draw the grids.


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Spider ButtonGetting ready for Halloween? Need a button to decorate your favorite costume? Or just want to celebrate the spider? We have just the laser engraved button you need. This special button is designed for display and decoration. Check out our Buttons, Mats & Templates! Call Judy to order specialty buttons… 303.868.2576